Construction and renovation to enlarge the house in Montreal

Experts in renovation of a house extension

With Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. and Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor, who runs the House Extension Montreal group in order to do the renovation of a house extension, this is done in a well-organized manner following a process of planning, design and renovation by way of well-defined steps.

A horizontal extension, i.e. by adding an annexe to the house, on the side, is easy to do, starting with:

  1. meeting with our plan and design experts who work to collect basic information from the client and the municipality to begin the study of the renovation project, such as:
    • your tastes;
    • your needs;
    • your budget;
    • zoning regulations.
  2. Then come the design plans in order to make accurate estimates of the project to expand and obtain licensing;
  3. Once this information is obtained, sketches are made and presented as a model of initial proposals. Some meetings are planned before accepting a design and a model that will fit the larger house;
  4. What only remains now is to carry out the renovation of a house extension project with one of our licensed general contractors and in a few days’ time your dream project will become a reality.

Several factors will have to be considered during the planning of the project and it is recommended to call upon our team of expert architects, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. Enlarging a house requires a significant investment and you do not only want a good price but, especially, guaranteed quality work. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. takes care of the construction and renovation of homes since 1989.

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