House extension design in Montreal

Enlarging one’s house requires a significant investment and you want to get value for your money. Once you know that the municipality allows your project within your budget, it is recommended to call upon a designer from the beginning and even before the design plans to do the interior and exterior design of your house extension in harmony with the existing house.

A designer of the House Extension Montreal team travels to meet you and suggest sketches done by hand or computer. These sketches will be offered to choose the house extension design of your dreams. This sketch will serve as a guideline to plan the extension with a technologist or a modeler.

It is better to involve the designer from the beginning and even before the plans in order to give more flexibility to the design and the place which it deserves. Perhaps you already have an idea of the dimensions of the desired extension. In some cases, the designer will require slightly more space to make an impressive design and in other cases a little less helping you save money. Whatever, the decision is yours, but it is better to have a possibility of choice rather than to limit the designer with dimensions of extension already established. A foot or two more completely changes a room, a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom in your house extension design.

The House Extension Montreal team headed by Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor, includes all specialists required for a house extension design project, such as: an architect, an engineer and a designer.

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