Building a house extension story addition in Montreal

A general contractor to add a house floor

Enlarging one’s house and add a floor is much more complex than renovate by making an extension on the side. This type of work requires experts in architecture, engineering and construction. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. works as a team with several general contractors in and around Montreal and deals with adding another floor to your home.

Adding a floor to a house involves several things, including among others:

  • request permission from the municipality;
  • ask an architect and an engineer to make plans;
  • remove the existing roof, leaving the house without a roof during construction;
  • call upon a team of well-organized experts to rebuild a new floor and a new roof quickly to protect the house;
  • relocate the occupants and protect much of the furniture and assets during the works.

Building a house extension story addition, i.e an extension in height or vertical extension, is often preferable because not everyone has the surface of land needed to extend the house to the side. The cost of adding a floor is generally a little higher than for enlarging a home with an annexe. Often an annexe on the side can be done with only one concrete slab, if the soil is appropriate, and on a small scale which hardly affects the current home. Adding a floor, however, involves demolition work, protects and renovates the existing house, in addition to adding a new floor and roof that often covers the entire house.

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