Construction of a house extension story addition in Montreal

A general contractor for the construction of a house extension

You can put your trust into a general contractor of the House Extension Montreal group which includes several licensed and experienced general contractors as well as construction professionals over a wide area around Montreal.

Building and adding a floor to one’s house is a major project that requires an RBQ licensed general contractor, experience and resources to do the work quickly in order to remove the existing roof, build a complete floor and return the roof without exposing the house to the elements.

The construction of a house extension requires well-made plans in function of the customer’s tastes but also in terms of the budget. Too many people make plans and then request an estimate. With House Extension Montreal a draughtsman works under the supervision of a general contractor all throughout the design of the plans to ensure compliance with the construction budget for the extension.

Duration and cost of construction of a house extension

  • the type of foundation (on slab surface or deep);
  • the quantity and size of the windows;
  • the type of insulation (rigid or sprayed with urethane);
  • the outer coating (brick or lightweight such as Canexel).

Just a call and a visit to one of our construction experts will be enough to advise you and give you a price within your budget for your house extension project.

Do not hesitate to contact us!