Plan for a house extension and story addition in Montreal

The design of a plan for a house extension

When it comes to enlarging a home, whether it is with an appendix on the side of the house or by adding a floor, a plan for a house extension is of course essential. However, before we get there a few important points should be verified. The House Extension Montreal team takes care of the design of the plan for a house extension and of the verifications and authorizations necessary for the project's success.

Before getting to the stage of making a plan for a house extension it is important to verify some other things such as the:

  • regulations of the municipality;
  • accessibility to carry out the work;
  • soil type if it is an extension on the side of the house;
  • structure of the current home;
  • junction of the roofs between the new one and the current portion;
  • budget;
  • style of the house;
  • the deadlines to meet, especially if it concerns adding a floor, because often the occupants have to move during the works.

There are many other things to consider. One of our draughtsmen in house plans takes care of meeting with you as well as of visiting the licensing office to take all the information needed to start doing some sketches and make initial proposals. If needed a meeting with a structural engineer is organized. From one or several sketches that are presented, a choice is made and then plans can be made. The plans will be used to obtain the building permit and a project estimate.

The Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. team, headed by Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer, takes care of your entire extension project from the design of the plans to the turnkey construction.

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