Price, cost, budget and estimate of a house extension in Montreal

Design of plans and cost control of a house extension

The great advantage in working with us from the beginning for the design of the plans is that we design the project according to the budget of the customers. In this way a draughtsman of the House Extension Montreal team works all throughout the design of the plans in team with a general contractor of our group to ensure that he proposes a house extension design project that meets the construction budget. Nothing is better than being accompanied during the design of the plans, not only by a draughtsman but also by a construction contractor.

Free estimate of a house extension

It may be that you already have your plans and are ready to receive a bid and do the work. In this case, a general contractor, member of our network, does a free estimate of the work from the plans you have in hand. If need be he will suggest options to you to save money.

Factors that influence an estimate and cost of a house extension design project

Several factors can influence the estimate and construction cost of a house extension, such as:

  • the quality of the soil which requires to do an excavation at times and build a foundation instead of just putting a concrete slab on the soil;
  • the additional costs if it is necessary to hire a structural engineer;
  • the choice of materials;
  • the available workspace and access to the site;
  • the need to relocate and protect the property of the house especially when removing the roof and adding a floor.

Whatever, the House Extension Montreal group takes care of your house extension design project from the design of the plans, the estimates and the execution of the works.

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